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ome folk go through life without ever having to deal with a broken window. Others may not be so lucky! Fortunately, should it happen to you, our glaziers near Bexley are close by to lend a helping hand. We can replace double glazing or windows should extensive and irreparable damage be done to the frame itself.

Windows might break following a heavy or hard object making contact with them (for example a ladder or a tool during the course of building work), or a poorly placed football might take a pane of single glazing clean out. These are some of the more common causes that our glaziers have attended to when attending a broken window in Bexley. But the subject of today’s blog is not why a window might break, but what you should be doing in the aftermath…

What to do When a Window Breaks

Isolate the Cause & Location – This is essential as the issue could repeat: for example, if extreme winds have knocked a tree branch through a window, then taking appropriate measures to prevent another vulnerable window could be in order; it’s also important so you can take stock: imagine if windows have broken during children’s play time, it’s then important to ensure no child has cut themselves as the glass can get everywhere and be a serious hazard. Ensuring that further harm to people and property is not imminent should be priority number 1.

Secure the Area – The natural follow up stage is to secure the area so that the broken glass – which, as glaziers we know can get absolutely everywhere – doesn’t risk harming occupiers of the property or those who might be visiting is. Bexley pet owners and persons with small children should be especially vigilant, for obvious reasons.

(Optional) Cover the Window – It may be necessary for you to board the window up; for example, during a heavy storm the lack of glass may be letting in a lot of water and risking further damage to your property, or even minor flooding. This can be achieved with whatever you have that’s appropriate: plywood or a similar sheet of wood is perfect. Boarding up a window may also be a crucial security measure, if for whatever reason your glaziers can’t attend to provide emergency window repair or replacement. While we do offer the Bexley area 24/7 coverage, a road being inaccessible might be one cause for delay.

Get in the Glaziers – Now don’t delay – every minute of every hour that the window is compromised could put you at risk of burglary, pest infestation or environmental factors such as damp and mould. Contact our team for 24/7 emergency repairs. Our glaziers will attend to your site, explain to you in clear terms the recommended course of action, then carry out on the spot double glazing or window replacement, if it is indeed possible. If the window itself is badly damaged, we may need to revisit with the appropriate product to match with your wider property; most of the time, it’s simply a case of repairing the glazing itself.

Suffered a broken window in the Bexley area? Or perhaps you’re interested in the high quality products that we supply and install? Call your local glaziers on 01322 274 757 or 07831 159 559.