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A big reason why Swanscombe residents contact our glaziers is to help them invest in their property, whether it be a domicile or a commercial premises. There are a number of ways we help them achieve this via our core services of glass replacement, and via products we supply and fit including bi fold doors, mirrors, windows and double glazing. That’s what this page is all about…

Investing in Your Swanscombe Property With Our Glazers

Windows – Old and shabby windows can instantly put people off a home, as its one of the first things they see from outside. On top of this, old windows can feature glaring faults that put your Swanscombe home or premises at risk due to being exploitable security issues. Another way that sub-par windows, especially when not featuring double glazing, can cause you grief is by allowing heat to escape. This will show up in your monthly heating bills as well as when the winter hits and you’re waddling around in 10 layers of clothing to stay warm! Have high quality new windows installed by our glaziers and sidestep both these problems.

Double Glazing – Upgrading to double glazing is a game changer. Suddenly your home is more secure, energy efficient, noise insulated and modern. In fact, the vast majority of house hunters are quick to note whether a property features double glazing, and will often haggle based on this fact. So the amount that a Swanscombe resident can add to their asking price by having our glaziers fit double glazing windows, bi fold doors and similar features can radically offset the initial cost of glass replacement.

Mirrors – If we had a penny every time we saw the same generic Ikea mirrors in a Swanscombe home, café, shop or office; and while they’re certainly not terrible products, especially for the price, choosing bespoke mirrors meticulously crafted by time-served glaziers is simply a more effective means of improving your interiors than going for the “cheap and cheerful” approach.

Glass Replacement – Less of a choice you make because you want to, but because you have to; however, if your property’s glass is compromised you can still make the decision to purchase something better than before – especially if your glass replacement targets broken single glazing windows, which can be upgraded to brand new double glazing windows by our Swanscombe glaziers.

For glass replacement, or brand new windows and double glazing in the Swanscombe area, choose your trusted glaziers at Russell Glazing. You can reach us on 01322 274 757 | 07831 159 559.