Double Glazing in Bexley | A, A+ and A++ Ratings

Investing in replacement glass or upgrading single-glazed windows to double glazing units? It may be that you're looking to reduce your heating bill, or replace a compromised unit that can't be saved with double glazing repairs. Either way, it's important to understand what Window Energy Ratings are and how they impact your decision making process when selecting new windows. Our glaziers, based nearby Bexley in Dartford, supply and install a huge range of windows at a range of energy ratings.

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What Are Window Energy Ratings?

Introduced by the UK Government back in 2005, Window Energy Ratings, abbreviated as WER's, are a series of grades that determine the energy efficiency of window units (a combination of the frame, double glazing and gaskets).In 2010, rules were introduced to make glaziers, double glazing suppliers and home owners across Bexley and the wider UK legally obliged to fit windows with minimum "C" Grade WER's.

This was a huge and positive change for homeowners across the country. Glaziers that previously fitted double glazing units and replacement glass that couldn't achieve a "C" rating had to up their game, bringing in better quality products. This has led to properties all across Bexley and the UK at-large being made far more energy efficient. With quality double glazing units and replacement glass being fitted in more properties than ever before, energy bills are falling and homes are far easier to heat. On top of this, Bexley homeowners are finding themselves less likely to require double glazing repairs so often.

Why Should You Choose A+ WER Double Glazing Units?

For windows to achieve the coveted A, A+ or A++ ratings, they must be thermally broken (fitted with double glazing or triple glazing), feature warm edge spacer bars and filled with an inert gas e.g Argon. Well-constructed uPVC frames do the best when it comes to WER's, although both aluminium and timber framed windows are by no means bad, it all depends on how well they've been manufactured.

Windows that tick the aforementioned boxes will help you heat your home, reduce your energy bill, dampen sound coming in and out of your property, and be far more durable than "old style" single-glazed windows. On top of this, invest in quality A+ rated windows, which are available from our glaziers near Bexley, and you'll be less likely to require potentially costly double glazing repairs (they're generally built better).

Whether you're looking to spend a little extra and fit your Bexley property out with A+ or A++ replacement glass units, or you're looking for something on a budget, contact our glaziers. We also provide a broad range of professional services, including double glazing repairs.

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