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While most clients who contact our glaziers are well aware of the many benefits associated with double glazing, there are still a fair few sceptics in the Sidcup area who aren’t 100% sold on it. They might contact us when looking to fit out an extension with new windows, or when they are still on the fence regarding the type of window replacement they’ll invest in as part of a property refurbishment.

For the benefit of such clients, as well as those who might be unaware of double glazing’s advantages because they’re new property owners, for example, we’ve looked to run over the key reasons clients choose double glazing over other forms of glass for windows and doors alike.

Should you decide that double glazing is indeed the correct choice for your home or office property, give our friendly glaziers a call on 01322 274 757. Whether it’s for glass replacement, fitting new windows with high quality glass, or perhaps carrying out single / double glazing repairs, Russell Glazing is the Sidcup area’s favoured local choice, being based in nearby Dartford.

Why Choose Double Glazing?

Temperature Regulation – Double glazing is renowned for helping keep a property warmer during the winter months, which every Sidcup resident dreads. But another reason for investing in double glazing glass replacement, for both windows and doors, is that it can help keep you cooler in the summer; your ability to precisely regulate your property’s temperature will improve on all fronts.

Reduced Energy Bills – As double glazing helps lock in heat, you’ll need to crank up the heating far less often. This both leads to a fall in energy costs, and a reduced carbon footprint. So Sidcup residents who want to save a significant sum over the years, while doing their part for the environment, should consider contacting our glaziers.

Improved Security – Far more durable than single glazing, double glazing is a great way to ramp up your Sidcup property’s security. It is more likely to stand up to attempted intrusions, and is also less likely to break if accidentally banged into (or an errant football flies toward it). This reduces the likelihood of requiring double glazing repairs, a cost all would rather avoid!

A Quieter Home – Double glazing, when fitted within quality windows and doors, can dampen the sound both coming in and out of your home. If you’re a musician or like to regularly entertain in the evenings, the latter is fantastic; those living in busier areas of Sidcup, or who have noisy neighbours, will likewise appreciate the former.

Ease of Maintenance – As well as being rarely in need of professional double glazing repairs, double glazing is very easy to keep looking as good as the day you bought it, and functioning properly. It’s low maintenance: simply give it a wipe down from time to time with warm water, soap and a rag. Curb Appeal – Our glaziers are always assisting clients who wish to improve the curb appeal of their property, as double glazed windows can look fantastic (especially when replacing old, single glazed fixtures). This can improve the value of your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Still unconvinced? Call our glaziers today on 01322 274 757. We’re the Sidcup area’s tried and trusted glazing specialist, providing a full range of services including glass replacement.