Building Stunning Conservatories in Dartford, Swanley & Kent | Russell Glazing

A quintessentially British feature you’ll find in homes throughout Kent and the wider UK, conservatories provide property owners with a distinct space of their own to unwind and relax in. They’re ideal for enjoying a morning breakfast with the family, or perhaps a paperback and some quiet time as the sun begins to set.

What’s more, conservatories are proven to boost property value, being a feature that many house hunters actively search for. This means that investing in a conservatory delivered to a high standard, such as one designed and built by the seasoned team of glaziers at Russell Glazing, can ultimately provide a litany of short and long-term benefits.

Different Styles of Conservatories

Our conservatories can be built in a range of popular styles, and which will best suit your needs depends on your property’s architectural style, your available space and budget.

Lean-to Conservatories – This modern approach to the conservatory suits many different styles of property, and features a sloped roof. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something on the lower end of a budget, or something very simple and understated.

Victorian Conservatories – Want to make more of a statement? Victorian conservatories have an ornate style with a faceted front, and large glass surface areas to really optimise the views into your garden and surrounds.

Edwardian Conservatories – If size is what matters to you, consider the draw of Edwardian conservatories. Their rectangular shape ensures you get something that provides a lot of room to play with, but this doesn’t come at the expense of elegance and aesthetics.

Gable-end – Another option ideal for those looking to add raw square footage to their property, gable-end conservatories have exactly what the name suggests – a gable-end. This means their roof doesn’t slop back but stays upright, adding a real feeling of height.

Conservatories can be fitted with your choice of glazing, but we’d always recommend the use of thermally efficient double glazing to ensure that the structure can stand up to the elements, and not prove difficult or expensive to heat. Likewise, we recommend uPVC for the mixture of qualities that make it suitable for use in conservatories: it’s low maintenance, thermally efficient and durable. Other choices you can make include whether to opt for a traditional flat or glass roof, with the latter providing the maximum possible light access.

To discuss how a conservatory could transform your property, contact Dartford’s Russell Glazing on 01322 274 757.