Manufacturing & Installing Quality uPVC Windows in Gravesend, Longfield & Kent | Russell Glazing

Whether it’s taking a starring role in renovations and updates, or the development of new build properties, look anywhere today and you’ll likely be greeted by uPVC. It’s employed for all sorts of different purposes, from bi-fold doors and windows, to fascias, soffits and guttering.

At Russell Glazing, we find uVC the perfect material to work with when manufacturing high quality windows which provide extraordinary value to clients all throughout Kent – including core service areas like Dartford, Sidcup and Gravesend. But why is uPVC the star material of today, triumphing over many other options that have come and gone?

The Benefits of uPVC

  • Durability – Where many an old timber window frame has buckled or splintered when met with an errant football, uPVC takes this kind of everyday stress in its stride. And these days, it even goes well beyond and provides Kent properties with a real degree of security. For this reason, the multi-chambered design of uPVC windows can help you protect your property from brute force intrusion by deterring would-be thieves.
  • Thermal Efficiency – This approach to design also helps trap in heat and drastically improve the energy efficiency of your home. Old windows that have been compromised, poorly installed or simply don’t have an energy rating appropriate to the times, can be a massive source of lost heat. So don’t let it get to winter, when the cold winds start to creep in. Consider replacing problem windows now.
  • Versatility – Coming in all sorts of designs including vertical sliding sash, a popular choice amongst our Kent clients, uPVC windows needn’t look generic. You can get something with an appealing frame, in an appealing colour, with glazing and hardware that ensures all boxes on your wish list are happily checked off.
  • Ease of Maintenance – uPVC windows are easy to wipe down and don’t require re-treatment or re-painting. This makes them as incredibly low maintenance. It can often feel like we lack even the time to get the basics down when it comes down to keeping the home clean, especially when life gets a bit much. So why not save yourself the worry and choose uPVC?
  • Expense – Last but by no means least, there’s the incredible affordability of uPVC windows. While some materials can go toe-to-toe in many categories, and even go further such as in the case of durability and aluminium windows, uPVC is available at price points that can make property improvement less of a sting on the wallet.

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