Glass Suppliers in Dartford | Your Questions Answered

Have a question for the Russell Glazing team? Consult this FAQ or give our Dartford premises a call on 07831 159 559. Whether your query is regarding our glass splashbacks, mirrors, stained glass windows, double glazing or something entirely different, our expert team of friendly glass suppliers will be able to handle your query.

Russell Glazing – Dartford FAQ

What kinds of windows and doors do you sell?

We sell a vast range of energy efficient uPVC and aluminium windows. Our Dartford showroom features frames suitable for single glazing, double glazing and triple glazing, so you’re bound to find something suitable for your property. As we have the capability of manufacturing double glazing windows on site, unlike most glass suppliers, if you find something you like the look of that doesn’t quite fit your property, we can quickly set about making tailor-made units that will prove a perfect match. Another area we excel in is the manufacture and installation of stained glass windows. Far from just a talking point, stained glass windows can single-handedly turn a run-of-the-mill room in your Dartford property into something special. As light filters through and explodes into an array of colours, you’ll understand why many years ago, they were seen as a status symbol reserved for churches, royalty and the very wealthy. We’re also a top choice if you’re in the market for uPVC or composite doors. These are sourced from industry leading manufacturers who have security firmly in mind when designing their products. Our doors are energy efficient and long-lasting, and a great way to make a fantastic first impression on visitors to your Dartford home.

Why might I want to upgrade my glazing or windows?

There are many reasons you might want to upgrade from single glazing to double glazing windows. These include: you’re moving into a new property in Dartford that only features single glazing; you’re considering selling your property and looking to boost its value; you’re trying to reduce your energy usage (whether to save money or due to environmental concerns); you’re regularly woken up by noisy neighbours. Fitting double glazing windows in place of single glazing will make your property more energy efficient and more secure against would-be burglars, while reducing the chance you’ll require glazing repairs due to an accident.

What kind of glass do you cut to size?

We have the facilities and know how to cut all types of glass product to size. This includes glass splashbacks, mirrors, stained glass windows and double glazing windows. By cutting everything in-house, we can ensure that the glass products you order are perfect for the space in which they’re going to feature.

Can you replace double glazing windows on an emergency basis?

Yes. We offer a 7 day a week emergency glazing service to domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Dartford and surrounding areas. If we’re unable to immediately fit a new pane of glass, for example if it’s very late at night, then we will board up the problem window and return the next day to complete the fitting.

What makes you standout from competing glazing contractors?

Having served as the Dartford area’s local glass suppliers and double glazing specialist for over 25 years, we’ve seen many competitors come and go. The key to our longevity lies in offering quality products and a well-rounded raft of services. We make sure that our prices are highly competitive, our team are knowledgeable in all aspects of their work and that our customer service is unrivalled. Russell Glazing, whether supplying mirrors and glass splashbacks to a homeowner, or fitting double glazing in a huge commercial property, will always strive to meet the high standards that we’re renowned for. We’re also fully insured, offer long-term guarantees and free, no-obligation quotations.

How can issuing a glazing contract help my business?

Sign with our glazing contractors if you full peace of mind that any time something happens to your glazing, for example a window being broken accidently or vandalised, there are experts ready to help a lending hand. We can also offer fantastic deals on fitting double glazing for a property or series of properties if, for example, you are a landlord looking to partner with our glazing contractors in Dartford. The same goes for fitting out new build properties with glass splashbacks, mirrors and similar glass products.

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