Aluminium Secondary Glazing in Dartford, Gravesend and all Kent and Medway Areas

Choose Russell Glazing and benefit from a quieter, warmer and more secure home by booking in to have aluminium secondary glazing fitted. Our product selection from Granada, for whom we trade as approved installers, features a custom-made secondary glass fitted into a strong, slim aluminium profile that is both sleek and unobtrusive. Installations couldn’t be easier because we can fit secondary glazing without having to replace the original windows.

This means you benefit from the features of our products without any of the fuss and hassle that normally comes wit having your windows replaced.

Russell Glazing fits aluminium windows with secondary glazing anywhere in Medway or Kent including Dartford, where we are based, and in the nearby Bexley, Bexleyheath, Gravesend, Longfield, Sidcup and Swanley areas.

  • Improved thermal insulation of up to 65% on single-glazed windows
  • Innovative sound insulation reduces noise by up to 80%
  • An affordable security improvement with no external access needed

About Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Our preferred secondary glazing product range from Granada comes in a made-to-measure format and has undergone design, and manufacture, to last for many years. Suited to vertical sliding sash and custom-shaped windows, we can install into new builds, existing homes, listed buildings and even commercial properties. The use of aluminium delivers a slimline unit in a choice of RAL colours that fits inside your windows without being noticeable.

Aluminium secondary glazing offers excellent sightlines with ultra-slim designs that give you a completely unobstructed view of the world outside.

Our customers and clients can choose from five distinct products which we can customise to any shape, so there are never any limits when it comes to aesthetics. The heavy-set, bulkier appearance of secondary glazed products from the past are long behind us. Today’s slimline secondary glazing has been improved and optimised to meet the demands of contemporary living.

The key benefits of aluminium secondary glazing include:

We have amazing offers on our double glazing to help bring A+ graded efficiency to your property. This means that over time, the double glazing will pay for itself and become a sound investment for your Bexleyheath, Sidcup or nearby area property.

Noise Reduction and Heat Retention

If external noise or draughts affect your home, adding a layer of secondary glazing reduces noise levels by up to 80% and heat loss by up to 65%

Minimal Maintenance

Removable secondary glazing allows for simple cleaning and maintenance. The slide-past vertical unit even removes blind spots to make cleaning easy.

Installation and Product Warranties

Engineered in Sheffield, our aluminium secondary glazing comes installed by a professional team. All standard installation and product warranties apply.

Improving Homes in Kent and Medway

At Russell Glazing, we believe that wellbeing starts with the space around us. A secondary glazing installation results in quieter, more comfortable homes that afford excellent views and ample interior light. Our product line from Granada outperforms traditional double glazing by up to 10%, leading to energy-efficient homes in Bexley, Bexleyheath, Dartford, Gravesend, Longfield, Sidcup, Swanley and the surrounding Kent and Medway areas.

To discuss an installation, please contact us on 07831 159 559.

For aluminium secondary glazing in Dartford, Gravesend and the surrounding areas, call Russell Glazing on 07831 159 559.