First Port of Call for New Windows – Our Glaziers in Dartford | Russell Glazing

If a window has totally broken, it’s clear that it needs to be replaced; but what if it’s just old, having been installed many years ago? Is it worth the cost of getting glaziers in to install more modern fixtures? In our inaugural blog post, our Dartford based glaziers have looked to answer exactly this question.

Should you have already decided that this is the best course of action, cut right to the chase by calling our glaziers on 01322 274 757 or 07831 159 559. We’ll be able to help you find the perfect windows for your Dartford property, ensuring they are functional, blend in aesthetically, and fall within your budget.

The Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

Insulation – Old windows can let in draughts, making your property less comfortable during the colder months that roll through Dartford. This is usually due to warping over time, poor quality installation or damage it might have sustained (which isn’t always immediately discernable). Poor quality insulation also makes it far more expensive to heat a home, due to escaping so quickly. So the products our glaziers can install to replace old windows can prove a very worthwhile and efficient investment in the mid to long-term.

Security – Many break-ins that occur throughout Dartford and its surrounds happen via a window. Sometimes the window is in perfect condition and it’s just a matter of brute force and insistence; most of the time it’s because burglars, always opportunists, identify a structural weakness that’ll make trespassing easy. The types of new windows our glaziers install can thus deter thieves and shore-up your security.

Curb Appeal – Another reason why our Dartford clients replace old and tired windows is an aesthetic one: they can severely impact curb appeal. But it’s not just the exterior look of your property that new windows will improve, it will look better from the inside. Our glaziers can find stylish windows that perfectly fit the design scheme of your property, ensuring that your home inspires feelings of pride, and not of embarrassment!

Refurbishment – When refurbishing your property, it pays to be thorough. Getting the work out of the way and being left with a completely reimagined, beautiful property is a great feeling – and also makes economic sense. So if you’re bringing your home into the 21st century, don’t neglect the windows! The peace of mind knowing it’s done can be a benefit in itself enjoyed by our Dartford clients.

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