Transparency on Multiple Levels – Your Glaziers in Gravesend | Russell Glazing

We’re under no illusions – we’re not the only glaziers covering the Gravesend area. Yet we are one of the most popular, and for good reason. Our work speaks for itself, and our commitment to customer service ensures we receive many word of mouth recommendations. But what if you’re sounding out multiple glaziers, to ensure you find the right company? In this latest blog, and in pursuit of transparency, we’ve looked to consider what Gravesend residents should be asking glaziers before purchasing products or services.

Questions to Ask Your Glaziers

What type of window will best suit my home?

A huge part of what glaziers do for clients is assist in finding the perfect windows for their property. After all, it can feel daunting having to choose from a massive range of products, made in different styles and colours, and from different materials. They can help you decide whether aluminium windows might trump uPVC, and whether double or triple glazing will prove a worthwhile investment for your particular property. If you live in Gravesend and choose our glaziers over the competitors, we’ll ensure the end product and finish you receive leaves you with a smile on your face.

When can you complete the work by?

This is essential. Different glaziers have different working hours. If it’s an urgent job that you need doing, you should be made aware ahead of time how feasible it will be. As emergency glaziers for Gravesend and its surrounds, we can take on emergency jobs – such as the replacement of double glazing that has broken due to vandalism, an accident, or extreme weather conditions. Our speed applies to other areas of our work, and when we give you an estimated time of completion, you can trust that we’ll stick to it.

How much experience do you have?

While this advice crosses over to most other industries – who doesn’t want a product or service provider who knows what they’re doing? – we find it is of especial importance here. After all, many Gravesend properties have glaring weaknesses in poorly fitted windows and glazing. Our glaziers have heaps of experience, and the business itself was set-up all the way back in 1983. Over the years, we’ve seen many competitors come and go, and we’ve stayed due to having a reputation for quality work conducted at fair, reasonable prices.

Have a completely different question for our glaziers? Pick up the phone and call 01322 274 757 or 07831 159 559. We cover Gravesend and all surrounding areas throughout Kent.