Double Glazing in Sidcup | Reasons to Invest

Since it was first invented back in the 1930s, double glazing has gone from being a commodity only available to the very wealthy, to a distinctly affordable “must-have” when choosing glass for new windows. Our glaziers are constantly supplying and installing double glazing for Sidcup property owners and commercial clients.


But occasionally, we encounter a doubting Thomas who isn’t quite sure if the benefits are worthwhile. So here, the Russell Glazing team have collected just a handful of great reasons to buy double glazing over single pane glass windows.

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Double Glazing

1. Energy SavingsDouble glazing units are airtight and feature a space in between the inner and outer panes of glass, creating a layer of thermal insulation. This reduces the amount of heat leaving your property, which means you don’t have to have your heating on as much. Case studies launched by the Saint-Gobain Group found that Sidcup homeowners replacing single glazing windows with energy efficient windows, complete with double glazing, saved as much as £8,211 over a 20 year period. In a similar study, glazing specialist Pilkington found that in some cases, savings topped £10,000 over the same period.


2. Sound Insulation – Our glaziers are often called into install double glazing and new uPVC windows to reduce the noise coming into a Sidcup property. There are even special forms of double glazing, called acoustic glazing, that are specially manufactured with noise insulation in mind. These units often have larger-than-standard spaces between glass panes.


3. Safety & Security – Much tougher to break than single glazed windows, invest in windows with double glazing and you’ll both reduce the chance you accidently break a pane of glass and put your personal safety at risk (broken glass can injure you), while improving the security of your property. Any potential intruder looking to gain access to your Sidcup property will struggle breaking through double glazing installed by experienced glaziers like the team at Russell Glazing.


4. Property Value – Over the years, house hunters have become increasingly keen that the property they purchase come with double glazing and energy efficient windows. As such, recruiting glaziers to upgrade outdated windows will increase the value of your property, and make it more attractive to Sidcup buyers when it comes time to sell-up. Combine the energy savings you’ll make with this property value boost, and you may find that double glazing not only pays for itself, but rewards you a tidy profit!


If you’re looking to purchase quality new windows, double glazing or any of our other glass products in the Sidcup area, give our glaziers a call today. Russell Glazing offers extremely competitive prices and has an expansive range of top products to choose from.

Still unsure whether double glazing is for you? Call 07831 159 559. Our glaziers will be more than happy to issue you with advice and a free, no-obligation quotation.

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